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Hi, I'm Tiera and here are my themes. Do not copy, steal, redistribute or claim any part of my themes as your own. Most of these themes are 100% made by me, some of them are edited themes. If I did edit a theme, then the original theme maker's credit is in the caption. Before asking any questions, please read my faq. If you ask a question that is already in my faq then I will not respond to your message. ( / )

THE END. - 9/3/2013 (UPDATE) —

Hello everyone! It’s been way too long since a new theme or even an update has been posted. I never wanted to do this, and as I am typing I’m also on the verge of crying. Making themes for everyone was so fun. I loved getting all of the thoughtful and sweet comments, they truly made my day. You all are just overall so amazing. Making themes was a true hobby. It was something that I knew could be MINE. Nobody else could copy. I was fully committed to theme making. I still am and will always be committed. Sadly, I can no longer make themes anymore. As most of you know, my parents blocked tumblr. The only way I can get online is by connecting to someone else’s internet network. I’m currently at a relative’s house, again. The short time that I do have to come on tumblr is never enough to make a full theme. It usually took me a few days with breaks in between to make themes. Maybe someday in the long run I can continue. I hope you all understand! I tried my best but, my parents just had to ruin the fun. I apologize for not answering all of your questions. I miss making themes so much and doing this is really bringing me down. Take it easy everyone and remember to stay positive. Your life is worth living, don’t ever let anybody change that. ♥

Until next time,

-Tiera (sarcasmprincass)


UPDATE - 6/14/2013 —

hi everyone! it’s been so long since i’ve updated or done anything on here! if you don’t follow my main blog, you wouldn’t know that my parents blocked tumblr off of my computer for good. i’m at a relative’s house right now and i’m going to try to quickly make a new theme for the time loss. i apologize for not being able to reply to your questions. i hope you all understand. for all of you who are already out of school, i hope you’re having a great summer! 

-Tiera (sarcasmprincass)